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[23/08/2018] Solo Exhibition @ Diane Von Furstenberg in New York

Solo Exhibition @ Diane Von Furstenberg in New York

Hello! I have a solo show at Diane Von Furstenberg in New York this August 30th, 6-9pm. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School. It will be great to see you all there! :)

[28/03/2018] Site updated with some new works!

Site updated with some new works!

After quite some time I updated the website with lot's of new works. So, there are lot's of works in the Personal Works as well as Commercial Works. There's also the STORE online with some fonts and some original collages available. Take a look! :)

[20/12/2016] Happy New Year

Happy New Year

This year went by so fast, but 2017 is here! I wish you all a wonderfull New Year with much love, peace and joy! It's a good time of the year to reevaluate our lives and change ourselves, keep that in mind! 

[16/08/2016] Solo Exhibition in Brazil

Solo Exhibition in Brazil

If you are near Belo horizonte / Brazil. I will be having a solo exhibition of my works at Orlando Lemos Galery. Simultaneously, there will be an exhibition by Laura Makabresku (from Poland). It's in September 10th , 3 to 7pm). I hope you can make it! :)  

[24/09/2015] 15 Typefaces Package DISCOUNT 70% OFF

15 Typefaces Package DISCOUNT 70% OFF

Purchase all 15 Misprinted Type Commercial Fonts (worth $304) for Only $89. It includes 

AntiRomantic,  Carimbo, GrandpasTypewriter, Great Circus, Handmade, King Bloser, Kyoto, LeKing, Mercy, Monster Days, Mosh, Nars, Revanche, Toscography and Trashold,

PAYPAL ONLY! Files will be send shortly after Payment! 

[20/04/2015] New Works 2015

New Works 2015

I just updated the "WORK" section with both "Personal Works" and "Commercial Works"! Go take a look! And if you enjoy what you see, share it with your friends! :) Thank you!

[17/04/2014] New Typeface King Bloser (50% OFF)

New Typeface King Bloser (50% OFF)

Hello, I just released a new calligraphic typeface: King Bloser!  The font has so many Opentype features, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Lowercase Endings, Lowercase Initials, Ornaments and it also comes with a Bonus Typeface: Bloser Serif which is a lighweight serif font that comes with several Ornaments!!! Enjoy! (Discound Ends May 15th)

[07/03/2014] The International New York Times

The International New York Times

There are 2 new illustrations for the cover of "Watches" section for the International New York Times. The theme is always Time, but usually with a specific subject in mind. Go take a look at the Commercial Works

[17/02/2014] Mercy Typeface

Mercy Typeface

Mercy Typeface is a calligraphic font full of ornaments and swashes! The font has several OpenType features and flourished capitals which creates a very versatile typeface, while maintaning the elegance of its style.  Check for more details HERE.

[06/01/2014] Mercy Typeface 35% Discount!!!

Mercy Typeface 35% Discount!!!

The Mercy Family is now offered at a 35% discount. It was $79 and now for sale at only $49.  It comes with 3 styles: Mercy One, Mercy Two and Mercy X. Within each style there are several opentype features, alternates, swashes... Mercy X is full of ornaments and swashes that will give your work that elegant feel! 

[23/12/2013] Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Hello, I wish you all a wonderfull Christmas! Thanks everybody for the great support, for sharing my work and for all the kind emails! 

[16/12/2013] New Website. New Works. New Fonts!

New Website. New Works. New Fonts!

It has been a while since I last updated Misprinted Type, so I have so many new works, fonts and goodies updated! I released 3 new  Commercial Typefaces: Mercy, Revanche and Grandpas Typewriter. Also, there is a new freeware font: Top Secret, which is a stamp-like effect typeface.

Appart from this, I have several new works under Personal Works and also lots of new Commercial works into my new section "Commercial Works". 

I also just put together my Facebook Page and an Instagram account! 

[06/12/2013] Official 2014 World Cup Artwork

Official 2014 World Cup Artwork

I was invited by FIFA to work on an Official Artwork for the "2014 World Cup in Brazil". The piece is a mixed-media collage and it will be part of  an upcoming exhibition! This artworks is also currently being sold as a print on FIFA's website: http://store.fifa.com/61344.html